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Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor

Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor

Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor


Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor

Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor

Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor

  Specialising In Interior Painting & Decorating    

 Established May 2005

Where Quality Comes As Standard

In Association With Mike Bolton Painting & Decorating



Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor

Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor

Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor


    My rates are very competitive, charging labour from 170.00 per day for an

eight hour working day and this tariff has applied since 2014. 

Materials are charged out separately and prices shown on your estimate

will be prices prevailing at the time the estimate is prepared.

If there is a long period of time between provision of the estimate and

completion of the work then you will understand that the prices charged on

the Invoice may be different.  They could be higher due to price rises,

but equally could be lower due to price reductions or in store special offers.


   Some of my customers choose to purchase their own materials which is not

a problem, provided they are good quality brands.  If you wish to

purchase your own materials then you can inform me of this when I visit

you to discuss your requirements.  However, it's worth noting that due

to Trade discounts that I receive from my Trade Suppliers, I can obtain

most materials for less than you would pay yourself so you will

save money if I purchase them for you.  Some traders load the

cost of materials by 20% for purchasing them on your behalf but

I don't.  You'll pay the exactly the same price that I was charged

and all materials used will be itemised in your final invoice.


   I always use good quality materials including Dulux Trade, Crown Trade,

Albany Trade (Brewers own brand), Armstead Trade (Dulux Decorator Centre's

own brand) and Leyland Trade.  Farrow & Ball is also a popular brand but

their paints are more expensive than Trade paints.  Farrow & Ball is not

a Trade Paint and is much thinner, so if you choose this brand for your walls

they will most likely need to be painted with  three coats compared to

two coats of a Trade paint.  This will of course increase the cost

of labour and materials too.


   I shop around to purchase materials at the most competitive price

for my clients.  Any trade discounts that I do receive from my Trade Suppliers

are passed on to my clients so the cost will always be less than if you had

purchased them yourself.  However, Farrow & Ball paints

are the exception because none of the Trade Suppliers provide any

discounts on Farrow & Ball paints because Farrow & Ball don't

provide any discounts to Trade Suppliers.


    Don't delay making contact with me to arrange a date and time

for me to visit you to discuss your requirements.  Whichever method you

choose to contact me you are assured of a very prompt response.

I will then arrange to visit you at a mutually convenient date and time

after work during the week.  Out of courtesy and respect for my customers,

I don't undertake estimate visits during the working day as

the customer for whom I am currently working

deserves and receives my undivided attention.


    Although I am more than happy to be contacted by telephone, it is not

always possible for me to answer my mobile whilst working - I might be

up a ladder or hanging wallpaper.  If that is the case, please leave a message

on my voicemail and I will return your  call as soon as I am able to. 

My contact details are shown on my page so just click on the link

on the left of this web page.  If texting, please ensure that you include

your name and contact telephone number so that I know who you are. 



            Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor     

            Tim Bolton - InterDecor



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Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor 2005
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