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Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor

Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor

Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor


Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor

Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor

Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor

  Specialising In Interior Painting & Decorating    

 Established May 2005

Where Quality Comes As Standard

In Association With Mike Bolton Painting & Decorating

Customer Feedback


Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor

Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor

Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor


    Once I have completed work for you, I will invite you to provide feedback

regarding the quality of our work, the level of customer service afforded to you

and whether you feel you received value for money.      


    The best way that you can provide feedback is by completing 'Customer Reviews'

on our business profiles on the Business/Trade Directory website www.freeindex.co.uk

To do so simply click on the links below, then select the 'Write Review' box

at the top right of the screen/webpage), just beneath the Review Summary.




    Use this link to write a 'Customer Review' on Tim Bolton - InterDecor




    Use this link to write a 'Customer Review' on Mike Bolton - Painting & Decorating



    I have been registered with FreeIndex since July 2008 and am listed in

1st position out of over 3,330 painters and decorators across the UK,

based on 200 'Positive' Customer Reviews and 0 'Negative' Customer Reviews.

Completing a Customer Review as soon as I have completed a job

of work for you will help me to retain the "Outstanding" accolade

awarded to me by this leading Business/Trade Directory website.

My twin brother Mike only registered with FreeIndex in May 2013

so he has had less time to collect his Customer Reviews.  He currently has

over 66 'Positive' Customer Reviews and 0 'Negative' Customer Reviews

and listed in 25th position out of over 3,330 painters and decorators UK wide.

    By completing a 'Customer Review' you are not only providing Mike and I with essential

and valued feedback, you will also be helping others searching online

for trusted and recommended decorators to complete work for them.

We invite all our clients to complete online Customer Reviews as we believe this is a vital

part of staying ahead of the competition.  It also ensures that we maintain

the highest possible standards and quality of work at all times enabling us to

retain the excellent reputations that we are proud to have attained.

    As part of the online Customer Review process, you will be asked to provide your name,

location and email address.  You can give your full name or just an initial and surname

and you can give your location as 'Sussex' if you prefer not to state your precise location.

Although you have to provide your email address I can also assure you that

it will NOT be displayed online, neither will you receive any unsolicited emails

from FreeIndex or from any third parties, due to FreeIndex's very strict data protection policy.

    You will also find FreeIndex to be a valuable resource for finding many other types

of trade to complete work in your home e.g. plasterers, plumbers, electricians etc. 

The FreeIndex Business/Trade Directory website has thousands of traders listed,

many of whom have a excellent 'Customer Reviews' to help you make an informed choice.

When searching you can filter your search options according to your locality

and this narrows the selection process to help with your selection.

Use this link to the FreeIndex Directory www.freeindex.co.uk

    Once you have submitted your 'Customer Review' it will be vetted

and verified by the FreeIndex Team before it can be published online.  They also

have a sophisticated verification system in place to prevent unscrupulous traders

from creating false or fictitious reviews on themselves.  After you have submitted

your Customer Review you will receive an email back from FreeIndex containing a

special link which you MUST activate to ensure that the Customer Review goes live.


        Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor

            Tim Bolton - InterDecor



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Tim Bolton Trading As InterDecor 2005
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